A few years ago three of us (James, Karl and Sam) made a decision over a friendly pint to do something together.

At the time we did not know exactly what that would be, all we did know was that we wanted to pool our skills and make products that were well made, considered and wholesome.

After spending a good few weeks in the search for our first collective venture, we created a hit list of things to tackle. Narrowing down our focus not only on what products we wanted to create but how we wanted to create them became key. Working with a boot-strapped budget, harnessing the strength of the independent, blending first class British design & manufacture and producing products of exceptional quality became our foundations. These elements are at the core of everything we do.

The first business that ‘made sense’ to work on together was a fine quality, gents grooming range. With Sam’s experience traveling the world as part of the British barber team, Karl’s nous in design & branding and James’ skill in making an idea real; we combined our collective skills our journey began to its first take big steps forward.

Having built the business on handshakes and trust over a six month period, MESSRS. JKS & Co. and Closed on Monday were incorporated, a top-co
and a brand respectively. We knew Closed on Monday wouldn’t be our last venture together so we took the step to be geared up for whatever the future, our imaginations and cash flow will allow us.