The Inventor



“Having spent large parts of my career competing against and learning from the best hairdressers in the World, something became clear to me; often the tools and products that my fellow professionals used were not necessarily the latest ones on the market, quite opposite in fact, most used niche products that they had collected, discovered and relied on for years. These products had a lot of things in common; in the main they were brilliant but frustratingly they were near impossible to get hold of, being either from tiny brands, made abroad or simply not available. I soon became quite good at scrounging the best of the best products and soon amassed a collection of around 100 great men’s products.”

Sam Otway - Co-founder  - Closed on Monday

This frustration was the driving force behind his work and eventually became Closed on Monday. Using his extensive collection Sam set about cherry picking from the best products in his collection and bringing these together, he began experimenting and “cocktailing” the products, finding out what made each great product work. Enlisting the help of a Member of Society of Cosmetic Scientists, Sam worked through the intricacies of creating perfectly balanced products.

“This process took 2 years to complete, which was a lot longer than expected but it was a huge learning curve and very enjoyable.” 


Having found what he thought to be the perfect blend Sam had a the basis for a wide range of gents products. Wanting to share his work Sam got in touch with his school friend, and as it turned out to be co -founder of Closed on Monday to help him turn the beginnings of a men’s product range into something that could be taken to market. 


“I contacted Karl, having already worked with some of the biggest luxury brands in the world, I knew he could make the product look great and bring my ethos to life. After all, I had what I felt where some brilliant products but I knew that in the current market, the range needed to “feel” right as much as do the job. We spent six months or so coming up with the brand and decided to concentrate on our first core range of six products...” 


Since launching, Closed on Monday has picked up three Hair Awards for “Best defining styler ” from industry behemoths Hair Magazine, with the Deluxe Pomade inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame. Next time we will take the journey to the next stage, Sam tells us how the brand went from pipe dream to mass production. 




You can read more of the business history here and further information on the Closed on Monday journey will be in our next and final introductory blog; The Maker.


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