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Having been the creative mind for some of the world’s most exclusive brands and an expert in his field, getting Karl on board was essential. The business became Closed on Monday. This name derives from the day barbers and hairdressers were traditionally shut and is a nod to the day of the week that Sam spent channelling his expertise into refining the Closed on Monday product range. 

“Having spent years testing and tweaking the products so they were just as I wanted, we now had a fantastic brand, something we are so proud of. However, it soon became clear to Karl and I that this was only one part of the journey. There was no way that the two of us could make the business work on our own, we needed a sales and marketing director. A key role to show us how to make the most of our brand. It was at that point that James Adkin came on board and the three of us set about making the business work to its full potential.” 

With the core of the business in hand the Closed on Monday team spent two years researching and prototyping with manufacturers. A process that resulted in commercially available products that stay true to Sam’s original vision. 

“It took a huge amount of effort and time to choose the right manufacturer to work with, we had to understand each other and have the vision to grow together and be as flexible as possible. James was and is great in organising Karl and I, making sure that everything was pulled together and therefore making business viable. His passion is contagious and that is the key to keeping all 3 of us focussed at all times. 

The main thing that all three of us wanted to retain, was for the product to be made in Britain, I remember Karl saying that British manufacturing has had a lot of negative press in recent times, which is true. More than anything we wanted to prove that things could still be made, and made really well in the UK something that we have a great tradition of. 

The Closed on Monday product range has become not only something that represents all my efforts but in my view matches the tradition and expectation of quality that comes with British manufacturing.” 

And so the brand launched, the journey from 13 years old through to skilled hairdresser, barber and manufacturer was a long one but one that will continue to grow. We leave the last words to Sam. 

“Looking back, this journey has been and continues to be great fun, always inspirational and a journey of which Karl, James and myself are learning every single day. We have come a long way since launching Closed on Monday and we will continue to keep growing for many years to come. 

By the time the three of us got together to create Closed on Monday we managed to create something that I look at everyday with pride. To me, each jar of product is part of all the work I have put in since that first Saturday that I started in the salon 20 years ago. All I hope is that people get as much out of using them as I did making them.” 




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