How to get the right hair cut


Before you walk into the barbershop there are few elementary things you may want consider first:


1. How much time are you willing to spend on styling your hair?


This is always a major factor.You can get the best haircut you've ever had, but if your blow-drying routine involves putting your head in front of the heaters in the car on the way to work then you’ll never be able to recreate the ‘fresh from the barbers’ look.

Work out how much of your morning routine you can dedicate to washing, blow drying, and styling. I’d suggest, on average, most short hair styles can be achieved in 5 minutes with mid/long hair styles can be finished within around 10-15 minutes, the more you practice the quicker/better you’ll get. 

Be honest with yourself and tell your stylist / barber when discussing your cut, it will be key in ensuring the right style is chosen. 



2. Does your hairstyle suit your lifestyle?


This may seem like an obvious question, but I’m amazed how many people pick a hairstyle that doesn’t suit their lifestyle, profession or personality.


Most of us spend 40+ hours a week at work so it’s important to consider the industry/organisation you work in when picking a hairstyle.


Working with your barber to pick a hairstyle that is flexible for the workplace, and also time reserved for yourself is key. Consider your place of work and key factors in your life and feed these back to your stylist.

Also, set yourself ‘hair goals’ to work towards with your stylist – it will stop the bad hair months if you are growing it out and remove the risk of you getting it all cut off in frustration. For example if you work on a farm or building site, a high maintenance style that requires constant attention isn't for you (A long fringe isn't going to work if you are constantly pushing it out of your eyes!). Therefore a style with less length and more texture would suit as the maintenance required to look good is less.


If you are in a job in which presentation is key, and your hair needs to look on point all the time, a once over of hairspray will help to keep your hair looking sharp all day. When your hair feels and looks good,you feel good! 


Again be honest with yourself, really think about what is right for you and your needs, at the end of the day the hairdresser will only work with what you tell them. Sometimes telling the professional behind the chair what doesn’t work in your daily routine can sometimes tell them just as much as the style you are going for.


3. Does my hairstyle suit my face shape and hair type?


Some men get embarrassed showing their barber a photo, but barbers generally tend to prefer a visual image of the required hairstyle rather than a verbal description; it also minimises the risk of you not getting what you want. They will be able to guide you on whether the chosen hairstyle ‘works’ for your face shape and hair type. 



If you have very fine hair, a short-medium length (1-3 inches) textured style will disguise fine hair and make it appear thicker.

Thick hair would be better to be shorter and textured to keep the hair looking softer. Keep in mind the basic rules of face shape.


A round face will be softened by a style with width rather than a rounded style

A smaller face will be over powered with a heavy hairstyle and fringe so keep it light and soft


A longer face will require a shorter hairstyle rather than having it long and therefore accentuating the face shape.



Its not just the length of the hair that’s important, the texture is just as important.

And this is a big one, if a professional gives some advice that a style wont suit you it might be a good idea to listen, its the barbers job to not only follow the latest fashions but have a real in-depth knowledge of what works for the person in the chair. 


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