Define your hair type


It’s a common misconception that there are many different hair types, this is largely due to the vast amount of different hair products on the market for all hair types. In fact, most people’s hair will fall into one of only four hair types, and one of only three hair thickness types. The checklist below will help you to define your own hair type so that you may chose the correct product for your hair.



This is hair that has no curve or bend in it at all.


A slight shape to the hair but not enough to be curly.



With an S shape and holds a definite curl pattern even when not styled.

Tight curls 

The hair is tightly coiled, often with a definite S or Z pattern. It can be stretched out and will return to its curled shape when released.


Once you have assessed your own hair and put it into one of the above 4 categories, you will then need to decide on the thickness of your hair.


Define your Hair Thickness


One of the easiest ways to find out which of these 3 categories your hair will fall into, is to firstly wash and dry your hair and ensure no product is applied, then part it with a comb and look at the scalp where you have parted the hair. 



Hair that lacks body and substance. If you can see a lot of scalp then your hair is fine


Hair that has medium density and medium volume. If you can see a little bit of scalp then your hair is medium thickness.



Hair that is dense and heavy. If you can hardly see any scalp then your hair is thick.

Now that you can identify your hair type, finding the correct product for your hair will be a lot easier and your hair will look much better as a result. 

One of the main reasons your hair generally looks great when you leave the barbershop and not quite as sharp when you try to replicate it at home is due to  your barber knowing your hair type and using a product that’s suitable for your hairstyle. 

Don't be afraid to ask your barber for advice on hair type, hair styles and what products to use to get the best results. They will also advise you when picking a hairstyle, showing them a picture will also help as they know what styles will work for your hair type and which ones won’t. 

If you’d like bespoke advice tag @officialclosedonmonday in a recent photograph of yourself on Instagram and we’ll respond in the comments. 

Thanks for reading, our next article will help you define the cut you want