The Basics - Beards


styling long beards.

With a length of anywhere from 10cm and longer, the full beard has a very distinct shape, starting at the cheek bone line and letting everything below that line grow down to the desired length.

Not everyone can grow a long and full beard, like the hair on your head, the speed of growth and thickness of the beard are determined by genetics and testosterone levels.

The long beard is generally considered the king of beards. This beard type will suit gents with a diamond, triangle or round face shape, as it will provide width which will offset a round face.

Remember, to grow a full and long beard takes time, and commitment. You will have to go through an uncomfortable stage, but using a beard oil or balm will make the growing stage more bearable by softening the bristles. Again make sure any hairs that grow onto your top lip are taken off,and keep the neck line under the adams apple clear from hair. This will help stop any itchiness during the growing stage.

After 4-6 weeks when the beard starts to take shape it will be important to get your barber to start maintaining the shape of your beard. If you decide to shape your beard yourself make sure that you follow the growth directions rather than against it. Any trimming will be much more accurate if you do.

As a last recommendation, long beards need to be kept clean. A good beard wash every other day should be enough to keep the natural oils in the beard and maintain good beard hygiene.


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