The Basics - Beards


taming Medium length Beards.

A medium length beard is usually around 2-5cm in length. This length will suit most face shapes but will especially suit a round or triangle shaped face.

When thinking of growing a beard it is important to have a clear idea of the type of beard you want – a medium length is a really a transitional beard length and can easily develop into something longer or even shorter without too much maintenance from a professional. 

With a medium length beard basic maintenance is key, remember to keep trimming the hairs from growing onto your top lip, keep straight,clean lines between your sideburns and moustache and remove the hair under your Adam’s apple to reduce itching.

With the length of beard being longer, you’ll need a good beard brush to keep the shape looking good, not only will regular brushing keep a good shape but will help in removing the dead skin cells underneath the beard, which will in turn remove any flakiness in the beard.

At this length a good quality beard balm with a gentle hold will keep the hairs in your beard neat and ensure it stays in your desired shape. 

Once again, in all cases if possible, leave any beard maintenance to your barber. They will be able to trim your beard much more accurately. Ask for extra time for this when making your appointment.


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