The Apprentice



“…. at the age of thirteen I started my “apprenticeship” in the family business; an established hairdressers & barbers in Kent. Spending all the free time I had in the shop I learnt all the basic skills and studied the theories that twenty years later still form the foundations of my trade. The fact is I still love going to work everyday, twenty years may seem like a long time but this isn’t a trade you can learn in a few years. I still have the same excitement I did in those early years and everyday I learn new things, talk to interesting people, and try my upmost to pass on any knowledge I have to the next generation keeping the family tradition alive.“ 

Sam Otway - Co-founder  - Closed on Monday


Being a member of Team GB Sam competes across the globe, learning from the best in the business he became three time British Hairdressing Champion, this experience has played an integral part in not just the skill of great hairdressing but all aspects of the trade. In Sam’s words;


“… I loved putting myself up against the best in the world. Not only did it make me up my game but I struck up some great friendships that last to this day. Strangely winning wasn’t really important, for me the enjoyment came is talking to other professionals and seeing how they worked, I quickly learnt intricate details of what makes the right product for the right hair and techniques of cutting and styling that I use everyday.  

Competing against the best in the world was a priceless and sometimes humbling education. “


Having spent twenty years, learning, practicing and refining his skill Sam wanted to share his knowledge not only with those around him but to all that would listen. British hairdressers and barbers are traditional closed on a Monday, and being Sam’s day off he spent this time forming the business and eventually teamed up with James Adkin and Karl Mannerings to create Closed on Monday.




You can read more of the business history here and further information on the Closed on Monday journey will be in our next two introductory blogs; The Inventor and The Maker.


Sam is a Salon owner with 20 years experience has contributed articles to, styled hair on behalf of and featured in video tutorials for Esquire, Reiss, ILK London, Hair Magazine and Mankind, to name but a few. If you’d like Sam to contribute content for your business or for advice on what Closed on Monday product is right for you, drop Sam an email on