The Textured Crop


Whats in a name? 


Over the past few years the “textured /messy crop” has been a staple in street style and indeed has continued to be a firm favourite with fashion brands and stylists. In essence this style leaves the hair slightly longer on top, shorter sides and with a textured quiff. Whilst providing a great strong look it is a cut that is easier to look after, style and re-style on the go.

Style essentials

To wear a hairstyle that isn't visually perfect and precise, gives a nod to the fact you're happy with who you are and how you look. The textured messy crop oozes confidence, is suitable for the workplace and also an evening socialising, we have always been fans of the way Michael Fassbender and Robert Pattinson consistently carry off this look. 

Furthermore this cut is a firm favourite with professionals and punters because it is so versatile and can add ease of style to traditionally tricky hair types. Being suitable for hair that has a double crown or any irregular growth patterns; the textured finish masks any issues that can make “sharper” styles more challenging to execute and maintain day to day.  This style will work perfectly well with thick hair and finer hair.


What to ask for

Ensure there is enough time for a proper conversation/consultation with your barber before your cut, learning what would suit your face shape and hair texture - we cover off that subject in our other library articles.

This style has many different names but you won’t go wrong if you ask your barber of hairdresser for a “messy textured crop with a quiff”. Supplying a picture of the style you want to achieve will guide your consultation and benchmark your levels of expectation, don’t forget, professional photographs would have been styled by a professional stylist so the more precise you are with your barber the better the result should be. Contrary to popular belief, barbers tend to prefer a visual aide of the required hairstyle rather than a verbal description; it also minimises any risk of not getting what you want. 

With a textured messy top (around one and a half to two inches) and the front left longer, the length of the sides can change to suit your preference. Shorter sides will look more dramatic and more contemporary.


Maintaining the look

There are a few simple steps to achieving the look you want after you have left the barbershop. In order for you to re-create the look a good blow-dry is crucial. Make sure you have a good quality hairdryer with a nozzle on the end, using a nozzle will concentrate airflow and therefore result in a much smoother finish.

Achieving the look, 5 steps from great looking hair.


Where possible, use a sea-salt spray on damp hair; this will increase texture when drying.



 For a textured crop no brush is required. Using the hairdryer on high heat and with a nozzle, dry the hair with your fingers pushing the hair the way you want it to go.



Concentrate the blow drying efforts on the front of the hair to ensure lift for the quiff. Get as much volume as you can! If the front is too big its easy to flatten down later.



We’d suggest you apply Closed on Monday Matte Paste to the hair at this next stage; working the paste into the palms of the hands and then applying to the hair. Starting at the crown and finishing at the front will ensure no unnecessary clumps of product ruin the finish. Remember, you can always add more product during the process but cant take any away!



Use finger tips to evenly distribute the Matte Paste, using a scrunching action will ensure a messy finish enhancing the texture.



If you’d like bespoke advice on this style or indeed anything related, tag @officialclosedonmonday in a recent photograph of yourself on Instagram and we will do our best to assist you.


A version of this article first appeared in an article with Reiss Fashion, you can see that article here along with other great tips from the Reiss team. 


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