Select the right hair product


Once you have defined what hair type you have and what hairstyle suits your hair, you’ll need to look at what is the best product to use in order to achieve the correct finish for your hairstyle.

First off, every good hairstyle is achieved by the success of the grooming routine that goes before it – i.e the wash and blow dry. The products will give a different finish to the hairstyle, depending on the length, thickness and texture of the hair, but without a grooming routine to proceed it, you’ll have a harder task achieving your desired look.

Don’t be afraid to cocktail products. If you like the hold of one product and the scent of another, as long as both are either water based or oil based, mixing them together will work well.

Different products will help to solves certain issues with the hair.

If you have fine hair and you want it to look thicker, then a matte finish product will be the most effective. 

When the hair looks wet or a gel/pomade is used the individual strands of hair are bonded together which will expose the scalp and make the hair appear thinner than it is. Using a matte product will counter act this.

A textured haircut will disguise fine hair as there are no straight lines in the cut. The best products for a textured crop would be a sea-salt spray before the hair is blow-dried. This will add extra volume and make the hair appear thicker.

A matte paste or clay will work extremely well for this style, or for slightly longer styles, with a super messy matte finish, a styling dust will work perfectly.

If you like to wear your hair smoother in a side-part or pomp style, then a pomade would be ideal. Pomades fall into 2 categories. Oil based and water based. An oil based pomade will have a higher shine and slightly less hold than a water based pomade. If you want strong hold and more of a satin/matte finish then a water based pomade would work better.

For longer textured styles try using a texture cream for a light hold and medium shine, this will keep any frizz away, and leave your hair feeling and looking smooth.

Speaking with your barber/stylist will always be the best way of finding the perfect hair product. 

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